Sr. Software Engineer, Backend 後端工程師

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Job Description

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Job Description

The Trading Experience team at Kronos Research is responsible for developing web applications and analytics that cater to the needs of internal users, including researchers and risk professionals, in order to facilitate high-quality investments. Your role encompasses a range of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Designing and implementing real-time dashboarding systems using Golang, which will enable risk analysts to receive timely alerts regarding unexpected market changes.
  • Building investment platforms that empower traders to concentrate on their strategies without the need to be concerned about the underlying technical infrastructure.
  • Developing an automated fund-transferring service aimed at optimizing capital efficiency and streamlining the process of fund management.

You should be energized by finding patterns amid chaos, acting on and resolving issues quickly, and enjoy solving business problems through technology.

As a Backend Engineer in the Trading Experience team, you are responsible for overseeing the entire lifecycle of all web services for the company. Your role involves actively engaging with traders and risk analysts to gain insights into their requirements. By prioritizing tasks, you focus on implementing features that have the greatest impact. Collaborating with fellow engineers, you facilitate the scrum process to guarantee the delivery of high-quality solutions. It is important to note that although your work may occasionally include frontend development (< 5%), prior experience in this area is not required.



  • Provide guidance on architecture and design, and define processes for launching solutions and features.
  • Develop solutions that enable our research and trading team to deploy, configure, and monitor our real-time trading strategies
  • Drive the evolution of our investment platform to remove inefficiencies and streamline workflow across teams


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years of backend experience
  • Experience in Java / Python / Golang / Node JS, data systems, and knowledge of internet protocols such as HTTP, TLS
  • Solid experience in software engineering and architecture design

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with modern, cloud-based infrastructure technologies like Kubernetes Google Cloud/AWS/Azure, Cloud Functions/AWS Lambda, etc
  • 1+ years of technical leadership experience
  • Knowledge of browser UI development and Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Interview process

Interview Process

  1. Coding assessment (via Codility)
  2. Technical interview
  3. Manager & HR interview
5 years of experience required
1,500,000 ~ 2,800,000 TWD / year
Optional Remote Work
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Kronos Research is a proprietary trading firm that delivers superior trading performance through its deep quantitative research capabilities. Research is at the core of the business strategy. Under the leadership of Wall Street veterans Mark Pimentel and Jack Tan and applying HFT strategies to cryptocurrency trading, Kronos has become one of the top quant trading firms in the world, and we have reached milestones of trading more than $20 Billion USD in a single day alone and more than $5 Billion USD of average daily volume.

Kronos Research(麒點科技 ) 是一個專注於高頻交易的量化團隊,透過進階的量化交易研究與分析,提供優質的交易投資服務。結合深度學習、人工智慧、機器學習推出的高頻交易策略,讓麒點科技在資深華爾街人士 Mark Pimentel 與 Jack Tan 帶領之下,躍升成為全球頂尖的加密貨幣交易團隊,創下每日平均 50 億美金,單日最高 200 億美金的交易成績。


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    Mid-Senior level
    1.5M ~ 4M TWD / year

    Entry level
    Regular earnings reach NT$40,000