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2024 RDSS&AO 預聘暨研發替代役

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Job Description

Choose TSMC for infinite possibilities. Here in TSMC, you can see colleagues working determinedly to advance technology leadership, manufacturing excellence, and customer trust. If you join us, you will be able to cooperate with these experts and fulfill your potential through a comprehensive learning development program. You will also have the chance to receive better payment while exploring the richness of our culture and enjoying the best balance between work and life..


Welcome to submit your resume to apply for the following job openings of the 2024 Advanced Offer (AO) and R&D Substitute Service Program (RDSS). You will then be able to:

  1. Get the offer before graduating.
  2. Earn NT$100,000 sign-on bonus.
  3. Work with the experts in the industry.
  4. Fulfill yourself on the world stage.


  1. 畢業前即拿到聘書
  2. 專屬10萬到職獎金
  3. 優秀產業菁英共事
  4. 國際舞台盡情發揮




  1. Master or Ph.D. graduates in 2024.
  2. Major in Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Photonics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Information Management, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and other related fields.
  1. 2024 應屆畢業碩、博士學生
  2. 主修 電機、電子、化學、化工、材料、物理、資工、資管、機械、環工、工工等相關科系

You are recommended to apply for 2~4 jobs based on the profession and location requirements of each positions below:
R&D (研究與發展組織專區)

      1-1 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_R&D Engineer
      1-2 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_DTP Engineer
      1-3 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_MtM RD Engineer
      1-4 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_IIP Engineer
      1-5 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_R&D Pathfinding for System Integration Engineer

      Operations (營運技術組織專區)

      2-1 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_Process Integration Engineer
      2-2 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_Process Engineer
      2-3 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_Equipment Engineer
      2-4 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_Intelligent Manufacturing Engineer
      2-5 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_Facility Engineer
      2-6 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_Product Engineer
      2-7 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_Advanced Packaging Technology and Service-Testing Engineer

      Strategy & Supporting (策略暨支援組織專區)

      3-1 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_IT Engineer
      3-2 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_Q&R Engineer
      3-3 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_Corporate Planning Organization
      3-4 【2024 RDSS&AO】Taiwan_Materials Management & Risk Management


      1. Please click “Apply” and provide detailed resume information, including your education level, profession (with keywords that best describe your domain expertise) and autobiography, etc. If you are not a foreigner, please fill out the form (except for the keywords) in Mandarin.
      2. Please make sure that the total work counts of your autobiography and keywords (domain description) are within a maximum of 1,000 and 255 characters respectively to prevent technical issues.


      1. 務必詳細填寫履歷資料,包含學歷、專業關鍵字與自傳等資訊,若您非外籍人士,除專業關鍵字外,其他欄位請以全中文填寫。
      2. 自傳與專業關鍵字欄位有字數限制 (自傳為1000字;關鍵字為255字),請確認填寫字數,以免造成網頁無法成功送出。
      3. 若履歷欄位形式為下拉選單,請勿自行輸入資料,以免資料無法正確送出。

      【Additional note】

      Please follow our Facebook account “加入台積 共創奇蹟” to keep updated on the 2024 Advanced Offer (AO) and R&D Substitute Service Program (RDSS).


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        No requirement for relevant working experience
        40,000+ TWD / month
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        The company's total managed capacity reached above 9 million 12-inch equivalent wafers in 2015. TSMC operates three advanced 12-inch wafer fabs, four eight-inch wafer fabs, one six-inch wafer fab (fab 2) and two backend fabs (advanced backend fab 1 and 2). TSMC also manages two eight-inch fabs at wholly owned subsidiaries: WaferTech in the United States and TSMC China Company Limited. TSMC also obtains eight-inch wafer capacity from other companies in which the Company has an equity interest.

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        Mid-Senior level
        40K+ TWD / month

        Mid-Senior level
        40K+ TWD / month

        Mid-Senior level
        40K+ TWD / month